The legal team at Rome McGuigan, P.C., is composed of former prosecutors and former state's attorneys. Our attorneys know how prosecutors think and the evidence and legal arguments they will use.

Our insight helps us to counter the opposition's, many times resulting in charges being reduced and other outcomes that are in the best interest of our clients.

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Armed robbery does not always involve a weapon. Threats to use force to get goods or services from another person can result in serious charges. In fact, the amount of money taken in an armed robbery is not a factor in the length of prison sentences and the seriousness of other criminal penalties.

Armed robbery cases are complex and the stakes are high for those accused. Immediately following your robbery arrest, you need an experienced and aggressive lawyer at your side. You get that from the moment your meeting at our firm starts.

Experience And Legal Knowledge In Building Strong Criminal Defenses

Criminal charges of armed robbery sometime involve mistaken identity. Innocence or guilt often hinges on the proper identification of the person charged. Our thorough investigations involve witness statements, surveillance videos and other evidence to build a strong defense.

All evidence in any criminal defense is paramount in determining the outcome. Our attorneys possess a comprehensive knowledge of state and federal laws involving the inclusion of evidence in criminal trials.

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