While you may think your options are limited following a weapons-related charge, think again. The attorneys at Rome McGuigan, P.C., are former prosecutors and state's attorneys. They know the strategies of the opposition and how their actions and assumptions can work against them.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Are Former Prosecutors And State's Attorneys

The comprehensive legal background our attorneys enjoy helps them to counter and undermine the weapons violation case the prosecution has against our clients. Points of view that are invaluable to individuals and dealers facing serious illegal weapon charges, including:

  • Possessing a firearm while on parole or with a restraining order against you
  • Failing to conduct background checks and other violations of dealer's licenses
  • Modifying ammunition and semi-automatic weapons to automatic
  • Modifying a shotgun by sawing off the barrel

Criminal cases involving firearms are becoming high-profile in the media, forcing law enforcement to employ the resources necessary to pursue criminal charges and convictions. Increased pressure often leads to shortcuts and methods that violate the rights of our clients.

Even the strongest of criminal defense cases and the most overwhelming of evidence does not mean a conviction is automatic. Thorough investigations and fact-finding often uncover evidence of your rights being violated in searches, seizures and stings.

Before you plead guilty to firearm charges, secure the legal help you need.

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