The criminal consequences of driving or operating under the influence (OUI) of alcohol or drugs are severe. Convictions can lead to significant fines and lengthy jail sentences. However, serious penalties can result before your OUI (also known as DUI or DWI) case is resolved.

The Consequences Of DUI Test Refusal

Connecticut law mandates that everyone who has a driver's license has already given consent to submit to a blood alcohol test or Breathalyzer. Refusing to take the breath test will result in the arresting officer taking your license and immediately revoking your right to drive. Once a report is filed, you will receive notice of the suspension.

Your Options Once You Have Refused Breathalyzer Testing

The attorneys at Rome McGuigan, P.C., provide aggressive representation for both the administrative and criminal processes. You do have the right to contest the suspension by requesting a hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within seven days of the notice. Failure to meet that time frame will lead to a six-month suspension with second and third refusals significantly increasing the time you will be without a license.

Refusing a blood, breath or urine test is not a guarantee that you will avoid a DUI conviction. The prosecution can still argue that the refusal was linked to your knowledge that you were driving while intoxicated.

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