Criminal charges are not to be taken lightly. A criminal drug conviction not only brings steep fines and jail time, but will also permanently mar your criminal record. At the Hartford law offices of Rome McGuigan, P.C., we take criminal charges seriously. Together, we will protect your rights, your freedom and your record.

Prescription Drug Charges

Illegal drugs, including marijuana, heroin and opiates are highly addictive. However, many individuals also become dependent on prescription drugs — such as Percocet, Vicodin, Xanax and benzodiazepine — after being prescribed medication to deal with an injury, surgery or emotional issue. Possession of many of these substances without a proper prescription is illegal, and depending on the amount possessed, may result in criminal drug trafficking or distribution charges.

At Rome McGuigan, P.C., we have former prosecutors, former assistant state's attorneys and a former chief state's attorney on staff. Because we know how prosecutors think, our lawyers are better able to develop effective criminal defense campaigns that resolve our clients' legal charges in the most successful manner possible.

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