Government investigations can be intrusive, disruptive and expensive. Whether you as an individual or your business are being subjected to investigation by federal, state or municipal government, or you suspect an investigation is eminent based upon recently divulged the information, the manner in which you comply with the investigation, respond to a subpoena or conduct private internal audits can make a considerable difference in how the matter resolves.

Our Hartford government investigation attorneys at Rome McGuigan, P.C., are experienced in conducting internal investigations and defending individuals and businesses that are being investigated by all bodies of government. We will be there for you.

Assisting Businesses In Criminal And Regulatory Violation Investigations

Our law firm is experienced in representing businesses and individual business persons in criminal and regulatory investigations by the:

  • United States' attorney
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Connecticut Department of Revenue
  • Connecticut Department of Insurance
  • Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
  • Connecticut Department of Labor
  • Connecticut Department of Health
  • Other state or federal authorities

There For You When Facing White Collar Criminal Accusations

In addition to guiding businesses and business professionals through regulatory investigations, our attorneys have extensive experience and skill in advising individuals being subjected to Grand Jury investigations or other government investigations on suspicion of various white collar crime activities such as:

  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Environmental violations
  • Business fraud
  • Bank fraud or wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Other white collar crimes

Whether conducting internal business investigations to identify, confront and resolve criminal activity, or defending and advising businesses or business professionals through government investigations, our team of former prosecutors, trial attorneys and investigators can assist you in protecting your interests through this process. Rome McGuigan has a history of obtaining optimal results for clients throughout Connecticut as well as across the country and around the world.

Our experienced investigations department includes:

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When you require a lawyer to advise you regarding a government investigation, we encourage you to call us right away. We have the experience necessary to conduct a thorough investigation for you.