The attorneys of Rome McGuigan P.C. are effective in handling commercial tax appeals because we know the process from both sides. In addition to our success on behalf of the towns we represent, we have the distinction of securing the largest property tax refund ever ordered by a court in Connecticut. In 2001, the City of Meriden was ordered to pay a $15.6 million refund to our client after a long and contentious trial that resulted in the record refund. While not every appeal is as substantial, the lawyers at Rome McGuigan, P.C., continue to represent businesses of every size and diligently apply our substantive and procedural knowledge to ensure that our clients' tax valuations are based on fair appraisals of their property and not their ability to pay.

Tax appeals are a fact of life in business today. We have the experience and resources to ensure that your appeal is resolved in the most efficient and favorable way possible, either by settlement or trial. We work to be the answer to your property tax problems. Over the last five years our lawyers have concluded well over 100 tax appeals filed with the Tax and Administrative Appeals Court. We are well known to the Court's Judges and staff and are very familiar with many of the appraisers that appear before the Court. We have handled appeals involving hotels, nursing homes, apartments, office buildings and industrial facilities. In most cases, these appeals have been resolved at the earliest stages of the litigation resulting in real savings to our clients. If a reasonable settlement is not possible we are prepared to try any appeal to a successful conclusion for our client.

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