With increasing federal regulation and scrutiny of corporate practices, many individuals and businesses find themselves the subject of business fraud investigations. At the Hartford law offices of Rome McGuigan, P.C., our Connecticut attorneys have been helping professionals successfully defend against fraud allegations for more than 35 years.

Protecting Individuals And Businesses

Being accused of corporate fraud not only brings the possibility of large fines and prison time, the charge alone can also damage personal and business reputations and result in the breakdown of the business. At Rome McGuigan, P.C., we understand the need to resolve corporate fraud charges efficiently and effectively. Our attorneys immediately begin investigations to determine the reasons behind our clients' fraud charges and develop comprehensive defense strategies that help clients obtain the best possible resolution of their charges.

Corporate fraud is committed when a business or individual uses deceitful practices or knowingly makes misrepresentations for the purpose of monetary gain. Common types of corporate fraud include:

Tax Fraud Defense

Tax fraud, or tax evasion, is a growing area of federal concern. Any actions that can be interpreted as willfully attempting to defeat or evade taxes are considered tax fraud. Indicators of tax fraud, such as reporting unsupported deductions, failing to deposit cash receipts and paying personal expenses with corporate money, are closely scrutinized by the federal government.

Tax fraud is a federal offense, and the penalties associated with a conviction are severe and include large fines and prison terms. Even without a conviction, the charges alone can have a debilitating effect on your company's ability to do business.

At Rome McGuigan, P.C., we have a former supervisor of the IRS criminal investigation division (CID) on staff. Drawing upon his inside knowledge and experience, we are able to develop defense strategies that help clients prove their acts were the result of mere negligence, and not a willful attempt to evade taxes.

If you or your company is the subject of a corporate fraud investigation, you need experienced and intelligent lawyers building your defense. Contact Rome McGuigan, P.C., at 860-560-8037 or toll free at 866-558-6182.