If you or a loved one has been charged with an online sex crime — such as possession of child pornography — you need experienced criminal defense attorneys to protect your rights, your record and your freedom. Located in Hartford, the law offices of Rome McGuigan, P.C., provides clients throughout Connecticut with the intelligent, effective legal representation they need to overcome their computer sex crime charges and move forward with their lives.

Child Pornography Possession Penalties

Possession of child pornography is a serious criminal offense. Those found guilty of the charge face years in federal prison. The public scrutiny and embarrassment surrounding these charges can also cause the breakdown in working and personal relationships.

At Rome McGuigan, P.C., we strive to keep our clients out of both the trial court and the court of public opinion.

We understand the need to be discreet. Our attorneys are not interested in publicity. Every step our firm takes is done so with one clear goal: to obtain the best possible resolution of our clients' criminal charge in the most efficient and private manner possible.

Zealous And Effective Criminal Defense Attorneys

Federal and state laws make it a crime to produce, sell or possess pornographic materials involving a minor. Unfortunately, the Internet makes it easy to stumble across illegal images. In addition, many pornographic images involve individuals who appear to be older than they actually are.

At Rome McGuigan, P.C., we treat everyone with dignity and respect. Our attorneys believe everyone is entitled to quality legal representation. No matter what type of criminal charge you are facing, our firm will provide you with the zealous and effective criminal defense representation you deserve.

If you are facing child porn charges, you need experienced child pornography defense lawyers who will fight to protect your rights, your freedom and your privacy. Contact Rome McGuigan, P.C., at 860-560-8037 or toll free at 866-558-6182.