While not considered violent criminal offenses, credit card fraud and other white collar crimes still carry significant prison sentences and fines. Outside of the criminal consequences, a criminal record will follow you as you pursue employment or post-secondary education.

The Criminal And Personal Consequences Of Credit Card Fraud

With the advent of online purchasing, credit and debit card fraud have become complex areas of our white collar criminal defense practice. No longer exclusive to "brick and mortar" stores, investigations and criminal defenses require seasoned and savvy legal counsel. Considered a crime of dishonesty, a conviction on your record can damage your reputation and end your career.

For more than 35 years, the attorneys at Rome McGuigan, P.C., have been helping Connecticut residents charged with credit card fraud, including:

  • Identity fraud to obtain or use a credit card
  • Use of a lost or stolen credit card
  • Fraudulent purchasing and receipt of property
  • Altering a credit card's magnetic strip
  • Fraudulent use of a company credit card

The Need For An Aggressive Criminal Defense Of Identity Theft Charges

While you may feel fear and uncertainty, you need to secure immediate legal counsel for identity theft charges. During your initial consultation, we start our legal advocacy on your behalf. Our investigations are in-depth and thorough, getting to the facts of the case. We identify the specific issues of your credit card fraud case and strategize the best way to find a resolution.

A satisfactory outcome can take many forms. We can negotiate with prosecutors to have charges reduced. We can also take your case to trial. Our attorneys do not shy away from the courtroom and will employ their litigation skills to fight for you and protect your rights.

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